At Jensen Localization we believe in the specific features of each field and this is why we opened a new business line called Transcreation for marketing translation.

When you localize a product, you take into account the culture and the language conventions of your target market, but when it comes to localizing a marketing campaign, those cultural references take the center stage on your localization tasks.

Transcreators not only take into account the text they have to translate, but the visuals that go together with that text, the tone used, idioms and many other cultural aspects that are part of the campaign in the source language and they have to find the equivalences in the target language. It is more than transfering words from one language to another (translation) and more than converting cm in inches (localization).

Before starting the project and agreeing on rates, it is important to establish a Creative Adaptation Brief. This document, apart from specific instructions from the client, will include information such as the target audience, the tone of voice for the brand, the visuals that will support the text, and any other data that will help our transcreators to adapt your material to their language and have the same effect.

Jensen Localization reached an agreement with one of most experienced firms in this field to be able to provide you with Transcreation services so that your marketing campaign is as astonishing and fruitful as the original one.