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Dutch loanwords in English

By Rodric Leerling

18 July, 2023

Dutch historic winter
Dutch is a Germanic language and the native language of The Netherlands. It is also spoken in several other countries, most notably South Africa (Afrikaans), Suriname, Belgium (Flemish) and some Caribbean islands such as Aruba and Bonaire. Today, there are...

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Dutch loanwords in French

Dutch loanwords in French
After a little linguistic trip to Indonesia, let’s go back to one of our European neighbours: France! Did you know the two countries actually share a border in the Caribbean? This time, Euro-Com International former intern (Matilda Gascon Delqueux)...

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Happy Holidays!

By Alicia Gonzalez

24 July, 2014

Summer is here and it is quite difficult to write good articles when temperatures are close to 40 ºC. For this reason, and before our brain melts, our blog will go on holidays; we will be back in September with more posts about the language and translation...

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