Summary of 2017

By Nicolás M. Fontana

15 January, 2018

Summary 2017
We reached 2018. Globally there is a climate of uncertainty related to conflicts, overpopulation, economic breakdown, wars, climate change, and natural disasters. But do not despair, there are many positive and interesting things going on around us, for...

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Home Fair, Costa del Sol 2017

Home Fair Logo
Jensen Localization took part of the Home Fair Costa del Sol at Torremolinos. This fair aims to propagate opportunities for investments on the Costa del Sol. It offered a wide variety of International stands, in addition to local ones. The Diario Sur had...

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Greach, Madrid 2017

Greach is the meeting place for Grails developers and programming gurus around the world.  Some of you may be wondering… What is Greach? It is a non-profitable project made by Iván López and Alberto Vilches. It takes place in Madrid every year...

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