Building the future together

This year, Jensen Localization paid its first visit to the XIII Technological Fair of the National Association of Telecommunications Operators and Internet Services (AOTEC 2019). On this occasion, our Engineer and Development Manager at Jensen Localization...

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Happy Anniversary Maribel!

Our blog contains many different articles about the translation industry and Jensen Localization as a company. But we want to give you a closer insight of our staff both professionally and personally. Today’s interview is with our Assistant General...

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Seventh edition of Transfiere, Malaga

By Nicolás M. Fontana

26 February, 2018

Logo Transfiere 2018
Transfiere reached its seventh edition and this number brings hidden virtues, according to Hippocrates this number is related to life and changes since the Moon changes phase every seven days and has an exponential influence on all the creatures that inhabit...

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