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30 January, 2020


Increase efficiency every step of the way

XTRF has been built specifically to help cope with translation and localization challenges. Our years of experience in the sector mean that we understand your needs, and we have built a system to meet them. But we’re not the sort of company to rest on our laurels. We’re constantly striving to innovate and improve. We make sure we stay abreast of the changing translation landscape and make use of the latest technological developments.

But what is XTRF, and how can it help? These are some of the ways it can improve your business’ efficiency and effectiveness.

What is a TMS, and how can it help me?

A translation management system (TMS) is a type of software that automates parts of the translation and localization project workflow to increase efficiency. This means you and your team won’t have to spend so much time on manual administrative tasks, leaving you more time to spend strategically, for instance on client acquisition, liaison, or thorough quality assurance.

What does XTRF offer?

XTRF is a market-leading cloud-based TMS solution. It is secure, reliable, innovative, and highly customizable.

It offers vendor and client portals, with easy online quote requests, project setup, vendor allocation, and automated and secure file management. Select your vendors according to each project’s needs, sending job offers to a specific number of vendors, in order of cost or quality, or by allocating manually if you prefer.

Seamless project management

A vendor misses a deadline? Receive a notification and reschedule the project timeline at the click of a button. Whether it’s an everyday job or a complex project involving multiple source and target languages and several phases, XTRF can help you ensure seamless project management.

Integration with external tools

What’s more, a full CRM functionality makes communicating with and managing vendors, clients, and their records an absolute breeze. Meanwhile, integration with a CAT Tool and your accounting software allows you to harness the power of these systems through XTRF. Appropriate TMs and other resources – even vendors if you like – are automatically selected, and project costs, receivables and payables are automatically calculated.

Powerful reporting

Gain valuable insights into key aspects of your business with the powerful reporting tool. It allows you to report on any type of information within the system, such as the status of ongoing projects, vendor cost per language, or work time logged per client. Dashboards are also tailorable, giving each user a snapshot of the information they need to know.

Next steps

We hope this has given you a useful overview of how XTRF can help your business. Our gratitude to Jensen Localization for offering us this space in their blog. If you’d like to discuss your requirements, please send us an email.

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