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21 March, 2016

Danish Spanish business

The Costa del Sol is an appealing place for Scandinavian people and businesses, as we already explained in our article Translation and Business Opportunities between Norway and Spain.

Today we are exploring the synergies between Denmark and Spain, and in more detail, the Malaga region, as it is where our Spanish branch is located.

We recently attended a meeting with the Danish ambassador of Spain and Andorra, John Nielsen, held at the Malaga Chamber of Commerce. Mr Nielsen explained about the close and long business relationships between Denmark and Spain.

Spanish flagAs you can imagine, Madrid and Barcelona are the most popular cities with Danish companies, as these are the places where they have traditionally opened their businesses. However, there is an increasing interest in the Costa del Sol. As a matter of fact, the Malaga region is the place, after Sweden, with more Danish residents, accounting for several thousands. Taking into account that Denmark is a small country with around 5.7M inhabitants (less than Andalusia), this is a very interesting data.

The Costa del Sol is also the favourite tourist destination for Danish people.

The potential of Malaga as a smart city is also interesting for many Danish companies, the ambassador explained at the event.

One of the most popular Danish brands in Malaga is BestSeller, the fashion group, operating in Torremolinos since 1997. Tiger, the Danish chain of stores, is successfully expanding in Malaga and neighbour cities.

But there are other smaller companies, owned by Danish residents that also contribute to the regions’ economy. And this is where many Spanish companies can play an important role.

Danish flagThese companies represent a wide range of industries: law firms, real estate companies, insurance brokers or dental clinics, to name a few. These companies are mainly targeted towards Danish residents, but they will need suppliers, and they will of course need more clients (companies always need more clients, don’t they?).

Not everybody is able to learn a new language well enough to make business. And communication is the key to success, no matter what your business is about. By providing these companies with the information they need about your products and services, they will feel much more comfortable making business with you.

At Jensen Localization we are experts in the Spanish, Dutch and Nordic languages. We can help you to bridge the gap between you and your potential Danish clients by translating your website and marketing collaterals, such as brochures or company presentations into Danish or any other language you may need.

For Danish residents, we can provide sworn translation services needed to open a business in Spain or having a permanent residence in this country. If you are a Danish company and would like to make business with Spanish clients and suppliers, do not hesitate to contact us for translation into Spanish.

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