Thanks for a great 2013 and Merry Christmas!


20 December, 2013


2013 is almost over. During these months we have attended national and international events, we have given workshops and we have experienced a company weekend in Spain with some of our colleagues from the Dutch branch that enabled us to know each other better and have conversations that go beyond projects and deadlines.

This year, we wanted to do a different Christmas card. Instead of sending an official company card, we thought you would like to learn more about the people behind those email addresses that send you dozens of emails every day.

In this video you can see some of the staff at Jensen Localization and what they like doing outside the office. There are artists, like Susana, Maribel and Allan (who builds his own guitars), sports fans, like Ruth (the kitesurf expert), Sara or Isabel (who walked the way of St James from France to Finisterre), and animal lovers, like Brian and me.

Click here to see our Christmas video.

This is the best way for us to show you who we are, and we hope we managed to give a nice impression, despite our pronunciation! Believe us that we did our very best :).

From this blog, we would like to thank you all, clients, translators, colleagues in Denmark, The Netherlands and Spain, and colleagues that decided to follow their own career outside Jensen, for your hard work in 2013. It would not have been possible without your help, patience and dedication.

So, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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