Franchise system – the basics

Introduction: True business opportunities must be based on objective data. It is necessary to analyze if there are consumers who are willing to pay for the product or service. The entrepreneur should have the following qualities: be ambitious, be able...

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Let´s work together!

JL franchise puzzle
Do you want to take your translation business a bit further? Do you want to start your translation business and be dedicated mainly to translating? Are you tired of wasting your time doing: Creditor and Debtor control, invoicing, sending reminders for...

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Unity Makes Strength

By Nicolás M. Fontana

14 November, 2016

As most of us know, Unity makes strength. This motto was originally used by the Dutch Republic (it means Eendracht maakt macht in Dutch). It is derived from the Latin phrase concordia res parvae crescunt (small things flourish by concord).[1] Unity is...

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