Summary of 2018


14 January, 2019

Summary 2018

We reached 2019. This year we had a lot of changes in Jensen Localization, structural changes to help us grow, people coming and going. Welcoming newborn children and giving the last goodbye to beloved family members and friends.

But life goes on, and we must be strong and keep on fighting for a better life, for our corner in the industry and for a better world.

During 2018 we learned about the effects of climate change in the Netherlands and we got to know more about polders.

Polder – The Netherlands

We participated in many different events in Spain during the year to consolidate our presence as a trustworthy language service provider for the Mediterranean region.

Twentieth edition of the Salon H&T, Fycma, Malaga

Seventh edition of Transfiere, Malaga

Greach 2018: The Groovy conference in Spain

9th Forum of Urban Intelligence and Sustainability

CPhI Worldwide, October 2018, Madrid, Spain

SIMED 2018, Malaga, Spain

We learned more about our franchise in Denmark, thanks to the interview granted by Benedicte Holck and we narrated her first SLAM as Jensen Localization Denmark.

Benedicte Holck – Jensen Localization Denmark

Jensen Localization Denmark, SLAM experience

We increased our presence in Polish events and conferences to learn about machine translation and the latest trends in the translation industry. In addition, we visited several cities to search for the right place and candidate to establish a Jensen Localization franchise in Poland.

TLC 2018 Translator Ex Machina – Human translation vs Machine Translation

LocWorld37 – Warsaw, Poland

A place worth visiting! Elbląg, Poland

Białystok, the Esperanto´s cradle

In the meantime, in England, as our appointment for tea time with the Queen was cancelled due to Brexit, we decided to visit London Olympia to learn the latest news related to the Virtual Reality World.

VRWORLD – Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality Beyond Gaming

We celebrated the 10 years anniversary of our AGM, Maribel. In addition, for another year we remained in the TOP of Western Europe Language Service Providers. Hooray!

CSA – TOP 40 Western Europe Language Service Providers

Happy Anniversary Maribel!

And as it is also important to take time to rest, regain energy and discover new places, I visited Australia to find new opportunities, eucalyptuses, koalas and kangaroos.

Sydney, Australia… is it the promised land?

We hope that you enjoyed reading our summary. Thank you to everyone involved directly or indirectly with Jensen Localization! If you have any comment, please contact us. At Jensen Localization, we would like to wish you a great 2019 full of health, love, and friendship.


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