Summary of 2017


15 January, 2018

Summary 2017

We reached 2018. Globally there is a climate of uncertainty related to conflicts, overpopulation, economic breakdown, wars, climate change, and natural disasters.

But do not despair, there are many positive and interesting things going on around us, for example, within medicine and technology, developments are moving faster than ever.

Businesses are expanding and looking to renovate old ways to create employment, for example by franchising. You can read more about this at:

If we consider that the first mobile phone was made in 1973, we would realize that in only 44 years we have a mobile phone that unites phones, laptops, gaming consoles, cameras, and other devices in just one small device. You can even control a drone from your mobile phone!

Read more about this in our articles related to new technologies at:

We are connected more than ever thanks to several types of land and aerial vehicles. The manufacturers of these vehicles are developing new technologies so they are more fuel efficient, to carry more and more people and to be much more technologically advanced. This is also increasing the movement of people around the world, increasing migration and tourism.

Find more information about these interesting subjects in the below blog posts:

Technology is also getting more and more involved in the translation process and it will keep on improving our work methods. In addition, there is a growing tendency on language diversification. But do not forget the role of the human translation – it may adapt to new tendencies, but it will not disappear.

Read more about the translation business at:

As we are humans (are we?), we also need to take some time off, to help others, to travel and rest, to see and learn from new cultures. Several of our employees this year collaborated on charity and traveled to enrich their cultural background. Learn more about their experiences here:

The growing population is a matter that affects all big cities in the world, and for this reason, we attended several events related to housing, as every person needs a comfortable house to raise a family and to have a place to feel safe and comforted. Also, many people think that investing in real estate is a good business, so…

Find out what is going on with housing at:

This year was a very special year for Jensen Localization, our office in Spain celebrated their 10th anniversary, we opened our first franchise in Denmark and we managed to keep our company in the TOP 35 Western Europe Language Service Providers. Hurray!

Learn more reading the following blog posts:

We hope that you enjoyed reading our summary and that you found useful tips to help you succeed in your business and personal life reading our blog posts. If you have any type of requests, please contact us! At Jensen Localization, we would like to wish you a good and prosperous 2018!

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