Summary of 2015


8 January, 2016

Summary 2015

If you are reading this blog, Happy New Year! We hope you had a great holiday season and charged your batteries to make the most of 2016.

As every January, we like starting the year with a summary of our most interesting articles related to the language and translation industry. See our suggestions below and feel free to comment on them!

At Jensen Localization we often talk about the many industries where translation plays an important role. If you are located in Spain and are interested in Nordic countries or in the tourism industry, you may find interesting the articles Translation and Business Opportunities between Norway and Spain and  Translation in the tourism industry. The British and German markets. These articles will help you to understand better how translation can help you to improve your business in these industries and markets.

If you are interested in Machine Translation, we suggest you to read our 5 tips to ensure the success of machine translation and do not hesitate to ask us if you need further information. We will soon launch an improved version of our MT system, would you like to learn more about it? Contact us!

A very frequent confusion among clients requiring translation services are literal translations. Do you really know what a literal translation is? If you want to test your knowledge, read this article and let us know your opinion.

Finally, one of our most recent articles is not only useful for translators and Project Managers, but for any content creator, editor or just any person that wants to make sure a text is 100% correct before publishing. If you are a blogger, this post is a must read! Do not underestimate the power of checklists and read our article Checklists are still useful.

We hope you like our selection of articles, but you are of course welcome to read the rest of posts! And if you would like us to talk about any particular topic related to the translation industry, share it with us!

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