Summary of 2013


29 January, 2014


Happy New Year!

Looking back at 2013 a lot has happened. Both Jensen Localization and the blog have had a busy year and therefore the first article of 2014 is a summary of 2013 to give you a recap of some of the interesting articles from our blog throughout the year.


Most companies have a website, either as a direct selling point or to stay on track with the Internet development. SEO and website localization are therefore very important if you want to get the most of your website and make sure you are found in your target countries. The article SEO and Website Localization is a short guide to understand the importance of both.

Speaking of guides, in February we created a three part series called Languages in internationalization, in which we talked about the use of language services for companies doing business abroad, from the translation of documents to the use of professional interpreters for important negotiations. The first part is The internationalization of a company. Part two is about Using interpreting services for business meetings and the last and third part covers the subject of Translation and localization for business management. In order to write these articles we counted on the help of experts in Business Internationalization and Interpreting, who talked about their experience with their clients.

Many people still do not understand the importance of localization or the actual meaning, which is why we created the articles Why do we need localization? and Understanding the localization process. Reading both articles will help you understand the process of localizing a product and why this is so important for companies wanting to become international.

Though understanding the importance of localization, many companies make the mistake of opting for cheaper alternatives. If you are thinking this way, then we suggest you to read the article Buying cheap can be expensive. Maybe this will help you think a little more about who does your localization before making any quick decisions.

For the translators reading, we know that translating is a job that requires concentration, inspiration and paying attention to details. However, translation can also be fun at the same time. Read the article Become a translator and have fun to see which translating requests can be the most exciting ones.

As a translator you sometimes receive translation requests that might go against your personal believes and values and require you to make ethical decisions in order to accept the job. In the article called Ethics in translation we cover the different subjects within ethics and give you some tips about how to work around these situations.

Of the many CAT tools available in the market, our translators showed their preferences in our Survey on CAT tools. Have a look at the results and let us know if you can relate with them!

The knowledge we share with our readers on our blog is something we have gained through hard work and dedication and many years of experience in the industry. Our blog covers many different topics within the translation and localization industry, but if you want more and are interested in anything language related, please feel free to contact us or head over to any of our social media accounts which we update frequently with links to articles, pictures and more from many different sources.

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