Students from the University of Groningen visited Jensen Localization

On Friday, May 12th a group of six students from the University of Groningen (RuG) visited Jensen Localization’s office in Groningen as part of a Translation minor.

Hendrika de Vries-Huisman, former AGM/PM and now translator, welcomed them and told something about the following subjects:

  • The localization business in general
  • Jensen Localization:
  • History
  • What we do
  • What our fields of work are
  • Various roles within JL (Translator, Project Manager, Vendor Manager, Assistant General Manager)
  • Career opportunities in the business
  • The localization process, from project management to editing
JL Dutch office presentation
Hendrika de Vries – Huisman, former AGM/PM and now translator, welcoming the students.

After that, our in-house translator Jenny Bos-Klok elaborated about the translation process, but also told about content creation (SEO), editing, reviewing, quality assurance procedures and machine translation.

Finally, we showed and discussed a PowerPoint presentation, created by our colleague Jenny Bos, about localization tools and terminology.

Our guests felt free to ask questions (all good ones, but some were very good!) throughout their visit and this lead to a pleasant exchange of thoughts about translation and language in general. Their visit was concluded by a tour around our office spaces, the actual “workfloor”. The students were promised to be sent a special study assignment in which they had to divide amongst them roles as PM, translator and editor in order to manage and handle a translation project. The assignment is finished by now and we’re happy to say that the results are good.

Students from the University of Groningen RuG
Students from the University of Groningen (RuG)

Concluding, we can look back on a successful afternoon and we hope that we have been able to pass on enthusiasm for our profession, which we love!

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