Spain – More schools sign up to bilingual teaching programme


15 July, 2009


Around thirty primary and secondary schools in the province of Malaga have signed up to the Education Department’s bilingual teaching programme for the next school year, bringing the total number of schools following this curriculum in Andalusia to 694.

Among the new schools which will offer lessons in either English or French in the province are 13 primary schools and 16 high schools, in addition to the 80 schools in which a bilingual curriculum is already taught. The majority of the schools have opted for English as their foreign language (27) with two, one in Marbella and the other in Malaga, choosing French.

Students in these schools will be taught in both Spanish and in either English or French, and more hours will be set aside for language lessons. Schools which adopt the bilingual curriculum will also be provided with extra IT facilities such as laptop computers and equipment for a multimedia language learning lab.

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