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Xplicity is a custom software development outsourcing company, providing services worldwide for 15 years. We are developing web and desktop apps for various businesses.

Our main areas are:

  • Ag-Tech (trading platforms, risk management, supply chain, financial software solutions, e-commerce, etc.)
  • Mobility (logistics, parking, smart car rental platforms, smart tracking, etc.)
  • VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure development from a sketch to the corporate level product)

The solution to focus specifically on these fields came from accumulated experience and domain knowledge. However, we do develop solutions for other fields as well. For example, we have developed a team share tool, which is being used by a consulting company. A similar solution could be very convenient for translation agencies or companies that have more than one division.

Programming is very flexible. You could even compare it to writing, where once you’ve learned how to write letters, you can write any word you want. Programming works the same way!

So far, Xplicity has developed many different projects, and some of them last for 7 or even 10 years up to this day. We deliver our services remotely, and sometimes, in this global society of fast consumption, people are curious about what we do differently to receive such long-term projects. Well, the secret is a close-knit relationship with our clients. That’s also the reason why we prefer to call our services co-sourcing rather than outsourcing.

Benefits of co-sourcing/outsourcing

Even though some companies prefer using their internal specialists, they quite often change their opinion after weighing up the benefits for their business. This is what we have experienced during the years of providing outsourcing services:

  • Lower costs. Quite often, outsourcing software development to a professional company costs less than hiring a person internally. Hiring a person internally leads to many additional expenses, compared to a fixed monthly/hourly rate, if you take holidays, bonuses, and training expenses into consideration. You also need to take into account the costs for purchasing expensive IT tools and licenses for an entire team.
  • Flexibility. You can easily increase and decrease the project scope without experiencing additional inconveniences. When it comes to human resources, after you hire a person internally and the project is completed with no further development needs, you find yourself in a difficult position where you need to tell a colleague, who did, in fact, an amazing job, that there won’t be any additional work. Meanwhile, outsourcing companies can usually suggest another project to their employee.
  • Qualifications and experience. Professionals who work at IT outsourcing companies tend to have a broader view upon optional solutions, which are needed in some specific cases. They get that experience by using skills gained from various different use-cases. An internal specialist, even a very qualified one, often works in an environment with a narrower scope and thus lacks the opportunity of gaining that much experience. So, having a high qualification in itself isn’t always enough, as the work experience is also very important.
  • Focus on results. You discuss with your service provider what needs to be done for each milestone. An IT outsourcing company assesses whether it can meet the deadlines that have been set up. That’s all, you can relax and enjoy the progress line view.
  • Competitiveness. Companies at which most of the software development is being done domestically, can have lower competitiveness in comparison with outsourcing companies. Due to limited resources, companies with internal specialists may need more time to develop and implement software, which affects the price of the product for an end user. So, companies entrusting their development projects to outsourcing professionals benefit from their competitive advantage.
  • Saving time. When you, as a client, are hiring a professional company to implement certain tasks, you do not have to spend needless time double-checking every step. You simply agree on the terms and you receive the final result. This allows you to focus on your core business without any distraction.
  • Risk reduction. When you develop a software project domestically, you care about the quality, of course. But, when an outside company works on the project, that company will care about the quality twice as much as you would yourself. Why? Because the quality of the final product has a direct impact on the company’s reputation. As you would probably recommend the outside company for a job well done, the risk of having a project done negligently becomes lower.

These are the benefits of outsourcing that are communicated to us the most by our clients. In fact, our clients like to be given some small tasks (for example, choosing the candidate that best matches their project needs from several options), so eventually, we started presenting our services as co-sourcing software development. At the end of the day, it feels like working with a reliable domestic team, regardless of the actual distance from the customer.

If you are experiencing a need to develop custom software for your business, or if you have an idea, we will be happy to advise you on how to turn it into reality. For more details, please contact us at:

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