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4 September, 2014

Lost in Translation

You just arrived from your idyllic holidays. You enjoyed great weather, fantastic food and visited interesting cultural spots.

However, there is a bitter taste in what seemed to be a perfect holiday. You had serious trouble finding out what the chef’s speciality was, how to find the best beach in town, and not to mention how hard it was to make you understood in the bank when you wanted to see why your credit card was not allowing you to withdraw cash. As in the film, you were just Lost in Translation.

Hello in different languages

Globalization has also democratised communication issues. In all countries, and in all businesses, not only in the tourism industry, there is an increasing need for enabling communication between people from different countries. Although tools such as Google Translate can be helpful as an emergency tool used for general purposes, it is definitely not an option for those who want to get and retain good clients.

We know that quite well at Jensen Localization. Despite the crisis scenario still predominant in Europe, we have experienced an increase in the demand of translations from many different industries, not only the tourist or the localization industries, which are some of our main fields of work. We have also received new requests from energy companies and from companies in the Real Estate business, mainly in Spain, as there are many foreign companies investing in this industry or just people that want to buy a second residence in Spain, especially in the Costa del Sol and other coastal zones.

If you are a global company, your clients may have trouble to know what you can do for them if the information is not provided in their language.

Translation and interpreting services are one of the most powerful marketing tools for a global company. When you provide your clients with the information they need in their language, they will have a faster access to your products and services, there will be less complaints due to missing or wrong information and it will be easier for them to refer your company to their family and friends. Interpreters are cultural mediators, they do not only help you to know what you need to say, but also how you need to act in front of the person you are talking to. Many negotiations have not been successful due to communication issues.

Therefore, next time you think about how you are approaching your clients in foreign countries, remember how you felt on your last holidays. If you want to make sure they know what you can do for them, contact us.


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