Meet iLuxenio, a new startup in the luxury constech market


28 November, 2019


What is iLuxenio?

iLuxenio is the platform that puts the professionals in architecture and construction, as well as different collaborators (decorators, lawyers, etc.) in contact with those clients who wish to build a luxury villa from scratch or carry out the integral rehabilitation of a property. Thanks to our villa search engine, the clients can access works previously prepared by the architects that are part of the iLuxenio community and decide which style and type of housing are best suited to their wishes. Also, in a quick consultation, the client can get an estimate of the price of the home of his dreams. The subsequent work of iLuxenio is to provide those who want a villa with direct contact with the professionals in charge of the project and construction. In addition to supporting and advising throughout the process.

Who are our clients?

iLuxenio is for wealthy people that want to build the house of their dreams because their current homes do not fully meet their needs. Specifically, it is especially useful for international investors because they do not know the local real estate brokers. At the same time, it also provides architects with a portfolio of clients different from the ones they already have.

Likewise, this platform offers multiple new collaborative possibilities between different parties involved in the process: real estate, landowners, decoration companies, managers, law firms and tax advisers. For the acquisition of international clients and the subsequent negotiation, as well as to provide a bilingual quality service (Spanish and English) to all parties involved, iLuxenio has a multidisciplinary team of engineers, architects, and specialists in digital marketing.

For iLuxenio, the international client is very important, as when they come to Spain they need advice to build a house. This way, we offer the international customer and any other customer a Premium Pack where iLuxenio takes care of everything.

We know that every dream is different. We apply this philosophy to the design of all our luxury villas. Every detail is cared for; coatings, carpentry, air conditioning, home automation, security, urbanisation and much more. All the essential elements in the construction of a high-quality home.

Our history:

iLuxenio was born from the digitisation of Detea, a Sevillian construction company with 30 years of experience in the construction and engineering market. iLuxenio is a disruption in the usual relationship process between clients, designers, real estate agencies and builders in the luxury real estate market.

We offer clients the possibility of reviewing already built homes and contacting the architects to start the step-by-step project of the house they wish; to the architects to show their best works to clients interested in enjoying an exclusive custom housing; and the rest of professionals in the real estate sector, a new way to get a job digitally.

On the other hand, we offer an approximated budget to the clients so they can know how much their dream house can cost, where with a click they can start contacting any professional they need.

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iLuxenio, discover the house of your dreams and build it with us.

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