Mediterranean Real Estate Showroom 2017


28 November, 2017

Nicolas at Simed 2017

The Trade Fairs and Congress Center of Malaga – Fycma – hosted the Mediterranean Real Estate Showroom, SIMed 2017, from November 10 to 12.

More than 150 professionals from the real estate, construction, architecture and interior design sectors have come together in this event, which made this place and important opportunity for networking.

Porcelanosa, Remax nova, Skandia Maklarna, Acciona Inmobiliaria, Tecnocasa, Keller Williams, Shutterinspain were some of the mayor companies represented at SIMed.

SIMed speakers corner
SIMed speaker´s corner.

The main subjects discussed in the presentations at SIMed´s speakers corner, were related to:

  • The recuperation of the real state and construction sector in the Malaga region.
  • The increase of foreign investors. Around 33% of the real estate acquisitions were made by them. This shows us that the translation services are an important part of the real estate business of Malaga and the Costa del Sol.
  • The positioning of Malaga as first destination for foreign investors, leaving behind Alicante and Tenerife.
  • The gradual increasing of the housing prices. This is a visible indicator that the time to buy a property in Malaga region is now, as the prices are expected to be higher for 2018.

The Malaga region, located in the Andalusian community is characterized by a mayor influx of foreign investors from all around Europe, mainly from Northern Europe.

At Jensen Localization we have experience in dealing with translation and localization required for documentation, marketing, and promotion of real estate, construction, architecture and interior design sectors.

It is important to highlight that there is a difference in between translation and localization.

Translation is the process of changing an original (source) language version of text into a different (target) language by substituting words from one language to another keeping the proper context.

Localization is the process of adapting your text for regional use. It appeals to the client cultural preferences.

One of our offices is located in Fuengirola, a city where there is a visible presence of Northern European people living and investing outside their homeland. To do so harmoniously, we help companies and people to communicate and understand each other providing translation and localization services. Feel free to contact us if you need our help to successfully reach your objectives and dreams.

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