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26 June, 2019

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Choosing the right TMS can be crucial for your company’s development. Not only because it will help you to increase your productivity, but first of all it will make your work life easier.

A good TMS needs to combine large scope of functionalities covering all your activity, with nice and easy interface. And LBS Suite, a French TMS dedicated to LSPs and translation departments, can be a good solution for you!


LBS Suite was created in 2002 in France to fit the needs of specific translation companies. Already in 2007, it started to be sold in the entire French market and very quickly turned out to be a leader of TMS solutions in France.

Over time, LBS Suite increasingly adapted to the requirements of its clients. Among them a company, which became a European leader, asked for in-depth developments that made LBS Suite a complete and powerful tool for translation companies. Therefore, in 2018, LBS started to expand all over the world.

About the software

The goal of the LBS Suite team is to provide you with a tool which you can use to manage all activity of your company, from CRM, quotes, project management, to invoicing.

All this is possible thanks to a clear and customizable interface based on your role (one role=one view) which includes: Sales View, Production View and Accounting View. Moreover, as a manager you will have a clear summary of your team performance in Manager View and access to many forms of statistics.

LBS Suite has many useful features that distinguish the tool on the market: automatic folders creation and file saving on your server, customizable widgets with key figures, quick and easy follow up system, flexible and simple price calculation customizable depending on your needs or automate supplier assignment with predefined rules.

One of the main features of LBS Suite is customization. The software is not dedicated to any specific size of LSP, you can adapt the tool to meet your company’s size and needs, whether it counts 4 or 150 people.

Apart from main module (including previously mentioned CRM and Production View, Accounting View, Statistics and Reports) LBS Suite proposes additional modules:

  • Outlook module: you can initiate actions in LBS Suite starting from an email, save all emails, download automatically attachments from emails without browsing
  • CAT tools modules: thanks to integration of some CAT tools in LBS Suite you can create projects (included packages) directly from LBS Suite
  • Quality module: you will be able to assess your supplier’s quality, managing your client feedbacks, launching automatic web surveys
  • KPI module: Key performance indicators will give you an in-depth overview of the activity of your company
  • Clients/Suppliers portals: This is an option which allows you to save time, but also secure and optimize your file transfers between you and your clients/suppliers. Moreover, the portal is freely accessible for your new future clients, they can make a quote request without your intervention
  • Planning and cost management module: you will have an ergonomic view of the team planning, simple dispatch of your team’s tasks, pre-booking in-house resources while sending quotes, transparent view of the management time and cost of projects
  • Payment collection module: allows you to create reminder scenarios and send automatically reminders for hundreds of unpaid invoices, taking into account the specific particularities of your clients.

We hope this article was useful for you. If you would like to know more about LBS Suite and schedule a demo, feel free to contact:

Christine: or contact me:

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