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28 September, 2018


This year the SLAM event was supposed to have been organized in Denmark but the event returned to Malmö, Sweden for another round of conference sessions related to translation.

Our Danish Franchise Director, Benedicte Holck, was there representing Jensen Localization Group, to find new partners, providers, and clients.

International speakers from around the world filled the historic halls of Sankt Gertrud with tales and information about the language industry.

The speakers present this year were: Ed Flower, Ola Persson, George Drummond, Tapani Ronni, Lotta Hellstrand, Ian Mac Eochagáin, Thomas West, Tess Whitty, Alina Frantsuzova, Tiina Kinnunen, David Rumsey, Mattias Hovmöller, Ingegärd Steen, Jan Runesten, Magnus Dahnberg, Helena Bani-Shoraka, Kenneth Quek, Judy Jenner and Anne-Marie Colliander Lind.

The main subjects covered during the conference were:

  • Lessons from business school: The Entrepreneurial Linguist.
  • Everyone thinks their English is good.
  • Training of interpreters and of interpreter trainers – How and why does it make a difference?
  • WordFinder Unlimited Spotify for dictionaries.
  • Legal interpreting in Sweden from the perspective of linguistic semiotics.
  • Death of an art or birth of an industry?
  • No more burning the midnight oil – Position yourself in the market as the language expert you are.
  • SDL Trados Studio 2019.
  • Dare to go deep – Specialising and creating a unique value proposition.
  • Excellence in Swedish legal translation.
  • Maintaining excellence as a generalist translator.
  • What’s in a standard? Can we achieve excellence in the language industry by using standards?
  • A promising field for medical and scientific translators.
  • One trial, four languages the interpreters at the Nuremberg Trials.

Participation was high as there were around 190 attendees split between translators and other representatives from the translation industry.

Benedicte Holck. Director, Jensen Localization Danish Franchise.

Our Danish Franchise Director was expecting a bit more from the sessions, as some of them were not adding any new information, but rather repeating things that were already presented at other conferences. However, she found Judy Jenner’s presentation about entrepreneurship in the language industry very encouraging.

During the conference breaks and lunch, it was nice to be able to talk with different translators from Sweden, Denmark and Finland and translator’s associations executives from the Nordic region.

Also, she found the presentation from Ola Persson about WordFinder interesting. With this all-in-one online dictionary, you can find all the information a translator may need for daily tasks. Benedicte will certainly give their free trial version a chance to see if this investment is worth the money.

At Jensen Localization, we encourage and support all our franchisees and company members to participate in events like this one to broaden their knowledge and contacts.

Remember, if you need a partner or you are thinking about opening your own business, feel free to contact us, we can help.

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