Hi!Drone and Greencities, Malaga 2017

HiDrone-Greencities 2017

Malaga Innovation festival took place on 7th and 8th of June 2017. This festival united the 8th edition of Greencities and the 1st edition of Hi!Drone Technology, the Technological Drone Fair in Andalusia, a meeting place for companies and professionals related to these areas.

At both events, Jensen Localization had representatives, thanks to the participation of our colleagues form the IT department, Manuel Blanquet and José Guerrero.

Our colleagues visited different booths, took part in conferences and did networking during the two days that the events lasted.

Both Manuel and José emphasized the good organization, and the wide audience that both events attracted. We also participated in appealing conferences, for example: Urban applications for drones and Drones for security and rescue.

Manolo y Pepe HiDrone
Our colleagues form the IT department, Manuel Blanquet and José Guerrero.

Furthermore, we enjoyed the indoor drone flying demonstrations located in a safety area prepared for this reason. We were missing some more activities at the events; they hope to see them in the event’s 2018 edition. For example: live demonstrations related to drone assembly and more challenging flying demonstrations with more obstacles to show the maneuverability of the UAVs.

Finally our colleagues both at Greencities and Hi!Drone Technology recognized that there were high standing representatives. Some of them were internationally famous in these industries, for example: DJI (Provideo), Aertec Solutions, Ofiteat, Nec, Ingenia and Torrot, to name just a few.

At Jensen Localization, we would like to recommend these kind of events to all our readers.

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