Happy Jubilee, Hendrika!

Happy anniversary 2016

We have reached the mid-year at Jensen Localization, and a very special event attracts attention among birthdays, contract renewals and baby announcements. Hendrika, one of our colleagues in our Dutch branch celebrated her 12.5 anniversary at Jensen Localization this month!

Hendrika was one of the first persons to be hired at Jensen Localization Benelux 12.5  years ago. By that time, we had a small office in De Kleine Raamstraat in the city centre of Groningen but nothing compared to the modern offices we currently have in Zernike Science Park. Hendrika was initially hired as a project manager and soon moved on to become the Assistant General Manager. During all this time she has performed all her tasks with exceptional professionalism. She has grown professionally with us, and our company has grown thanks to her job and the team she managed to build and train.

In August 2015 she decided to focus on linguistic tasks instead and she is now part of our in-house team of Dutch translators.

We are very happy to have Hendrika with us, and we want to congratulate her on her jubilee. If you would like to learn more about her, you can read a past interview.

Hendrika celebrating her Jubilee at translation company Jensen Localization
Hendrika is celebrating her Jubilee at Jensen Localization this year. Congratulations!

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