Happy Anniversary Maribel!


Our blog contains many different articles about the translation industry and Jensen Localization as a company. But we want to give you a closer insight of our staff both professionally and personally.

Today’s interview is with our Assistant General Manager, Maribel Florido.

Maribel Florido

What is your origin?

I am originally from Coín, a town located in the south of Spain well known for its fertile fields.

What did you study?

I have always loved languages and learning about different cultures, as I think that helps you to find your place in the world and have a better overview about everything in life.

For that reason, I studied Translation and Interpretation at the University of Malaga. I studied English, German and Italian.

Did you always want to become an Assistant General Manager (AGM) or did it happen as a coincidence?

My idea was to work as translator or at least in job positions related to languages. When I discovered the Project Management, I fell in love with it. It was the ideal work for me. I could use the knowledge I had about translation industry, have contact with clients and translators and develop my technical skills. It was very dynamic, and I found it suited me very well.

While working as a PM, I had the opportunity to advance and become the coordinator of the PMs in the company. It was very motivating, and I really like doing this work.

How long have you been working for Jensen-Localization?

10 years already!

Did you start working for JL right after finishing your studies or did you gain experience from other jobs?

After my studies, I worked as a freelance translator and for some companies with multicultural concepts, until I found my place in Jensen Localization.

What are your main tasks as AGM?

I must coordinate the production team in Jensen Localization, making sure that the work is distributed equally among all PMs and translators and that I get the best of each of them. I am there to support them and make sure that we, as a team, perform very well.

What are the pros and cons about being an AGM?

The cons are basically about stress, as you can imagine. I have a lot of work to do and many things to monitor and I don’t always have the time I need to do everything in the way I like. This means that I must be as efficient as possible, do a lot of planning ahead and have things under control. However, sometimes there are obstacles in the way I need to overcome and this might involve changing the whole plan. In other words, I am never bored.

This is also a pro in my job. Every difficulty is a challenge to learn something new and it is very satisfactory when you succeed at the end. I also love my work because of the great team we have in Jensen Localization. I have very professional and enthusiastic colleagues that make my work much easier every day. It is also a pleasure to work in this company where we have a lot of flexibility and we always find ways to adapt our work to our needs.

What advice would you give to a new AGM working in the same business as you?

Keep calm, don’t let problems get you down. Team working is the key. As long as you are able to keep the team motivated and you all have a good connection, everything will go well. I also underline the importance of open communication with all the team members.


Thank you very much, Maribel, for your time and for sharing a part of your life with us.

At Jensen Localization we are happy to see people staying with us, adopting our values, overcoming problems, developing and becoming part of this multinational family.

Happy Anniversary Maribel!

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  • Betriz

    Congratulations Maribel! I have had the pleasure of meeting you in person and was very impressed on how well you all work together and having you as one of their leaders.

    Many more years of cooperation, as it is a pleasure working with you.

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