Greach, Madrid 2017


Greach is the meeting place for Grails developers and programming gurus around the world.  Some of you may be wondering…

What is Greach? It is a non-profitable project made by Iván López and Alberto Vilches. It takes place in Madrid every year.

Greach 1
Welcome to Greach presentation.

What is Grails? It is an open source web application framework that uses the Apache Groovy programming language (which is in turn based on the Java platform). If you would like to know some more details check in Wikipedia.

Our Development team and I represented Jensen Localization in Greach 2017 conference that took place in Madrid, Spain. They learned a lot of new tricks in Grails programming and we made some interesting contacts related to the software development industry.

We meet Jenn Strater that shared very interesting information about her career in Europe. We had the pleasure to talk to Rubén Mondéjar a Software Architect currently working at Diputació de Tarragona (DIPTA) that inspired us by showing us how Catalonians use Grails in their governmental applications.

All presentations were loaded with technical knowledge and solutions to take the development to the next step. If

Greach 3
Jensen Localization Development team at Greach 2017.

you are interested in watching them online you may find them on the Greach YouTube channel.

For the development team it was hard to pick any special favorites because all presentations were of high quality and great content.  An appreciated extra this year was the inclusion of workshops. Just a pity that it was not possible to attend to them all. The “Building a Microservice Federation with Grails 3 and Spring Cloud” and the “Testing Grails 3: the good (unit), the bad (integration) and the ugly (functional)” were of special interest. Thank you to the organizers for all the effort to make these workshops successful.

My favorite was the one related to Amazon Alexa as I am a big fan of voice interaction devices and all the material related to artificial intelligence development.

In the development world, it is very important to keep up to date with programming languages. Mastering technology is important, so technology will not master you!

It is very important to note that having a translation partner during the development stage of any device, application or software is crucial in order to keep production costs on budget. It is always cheaper to fix issues while in development than later just before the release.

Greach 2
Our Development team and I making new contacts.

At Jensen Localization, we have our door open if you are looking for a partner to translate and localize your software, applications and devices. Do you want to know more about our services? Find out by contacting us.

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