Greach 2018: The Groovy conference in Spain

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This is the third year that Jensen Localization attends the conference.

The conference is related to the ecosystem built around the Groovy programming language. We, at Jensen Localization use Grails, a groovy based web application framework, that runs our e-Procurement portal.

As usual, this year there were a lot of visitors from many different countries with whom we enjoyed sharing comments on this subject.

The conference ran over three days, and the first day was dedicated to workshops with the opportunity to get deeper knowledge within certain areas.

This year Jensen Localization attended the following three workshops:

The three that we attended were all of great quality. A big thanks to the persons who prepared them.

Greach_Mag y Pepe_2018
Workshops at Greach 2018.

The remaining two days were packed with good information covering a big range of different subjects. All from more low-level tips on how to write more efficient code, or how to improve the performance of your servers to bigger issues related to deployments.


One of the major news this year was the birth of “Micronaut“, a modern, JVM-based, full-stack framework for building modular microservice applications, as stated on its website. There was a short demo that looked very promising. This is something that we will keep an eye on.


Finally, we would like to warmly thank the Greach organizers for their commitment to provide great conferences every year.


Jensen Localization has a long tradition of adapting to technological, financial and social changes, we invest in innovation and we invest in solutions to overcome our daily challenges. If you would like to know more about this part of our company, feel free to contact us.

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