Gamepolis games festival, Malaga 2017

Gamepolis Málaga 2017

On Friday, June 21st Isabel Guijarro Bonald, Manuel Blanquet and Manuel Fernández attended Gamepolis, a video game event held in Malaga that has been celebrated every year for the last five years.

The event was born in 2013, and since the first edition, it has tried to offer the best entertainment for gamers in the country, combining fun, training and business, to become the largest video game festival today in southern Europe. From the beginning, the festival growth was exponential; This year more than 40,000 visitors attended. The number of stands and tournaments has also been increasing progressively since it started.

Manu Isabel y Manolo en Gamepolis Malaga
Isabel Guijarro Bonald, Manuel Blanquet and Manuel Fernández at Gamepolis, Malaga 2017.

This year ESL, the largest and oldest eSports organization in the world, was present.

Gamepolis also featured big developers, eSports stars, successful YouTubers, and many other prominent players in the video game world including:








And many more… if you want to know more about them visit: (in Spanish).

Isabel, Manu and Manuel had the opportunity to make business contacts, have fun trying out video games, playing arcade machines, discovering virtual reality or even dancing on pump it up machines.

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