Emigration Expo Houten, the Netherlands 2017

Emigration Expo Houten

Emigration is a word from Latin, related to movement. We have been migrating since the beginning of human race time. Our species is supposed to originate from Africa and have from there emigrated to all over the world. It is one of our pre-set human skills.

This movement of people can be seen as beneficial or prejudicial by contemporary governments. The truth is that this is something that is difficult to control, even though it could appear that governments from all over the world are increasingly trying to control this migration influx as much as possible in order to let into their countries only the most suitable candidates to become productive citizens.

To mention an historical example related to migration control attempts, in 1912 the immigrant’s hotel was inaugurated in the port of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It could lodge up to 3,000 new arrivals, who received free board, job training and help finding employment. From those times and earlier there were attempts to provide the necessaries for people willing or forced to emigrate.

Former Immigrants Hotel in the port of Buenos Aires, Argentina, currently immigration museum. Wikipedia.

The Emigration Fair known as “EmigratieBeurs” in Dutch, is a yearly event that this year reached its 21st birthday. The interesting thing about this detail is that in several countries like Argentina 21 is the required age for a citizen to be able to travel or emigrate abroad without the supervision or legal consent of their parents.

Banner from the Emigration Expo 2017, Houten, the Netherlands.

This year the Emigration Fair displays several different regions, businesses and organizations from around the globe looking for skilled workers and investors. Some of the regions represented at this expo were countries like Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, Panama, the Dutch Caribbean, etc.

The most popular type of workers they were searching for were the ones related to health services. However, in some regions, they were having a long list of wanted professionals.

In this emigration process there are several steps to name some of them:

  • Getting your visa ready.
  • Finding a new home.
  • New school for children.
  • Finding a satisfactory job.
  • Relocating your belongings and pet.
  • Translation of documentation.

To make things happen several companies need to collaborate:

  • Real states
  • Transport agencies
  • Tax advising companies
  • Regional governments
  • Schools
  • Language learning institutes
  • Translation agencies

Jensen Localization took part in this event because we believe that we are all part of a network that works together to convey the necessary information to every person willing to relocate. The information should be in their language to facilitate their assimilation into a new society. We have the knowledge to translate documentation, websites, marketing campaigns, adapt language courses to specific speakers, and much more. Contact us if you want to know how we can help you.


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