Elia Together, Berlin 2017


With an amazing concurrence, Elia Together demonstrated one more time that this is a great place to increase and strengthen relations in between translation agencies, translators and other industry members. The organization was good, in a great hotel with comfortable rooms for conferences and plenty of common spaces. There were 3 rooms with conferences which were held simultaneously, one dedicated to human resources, another dedicated to technology and the last one about processes.


Isabel at Elia Berlin 2017
Isabel our Project Manager at Elia Berlin 2017.

Our Project Manager Isabel Guijarro represented us at this event that took place in Berlin, Germany. Isabel brought a lot of new interesting contacts with her having been acting as a bridge between public relations, management and translators.

She met with Anna Wilk from Argos, which shared anecdotes about the role of the translation industry around the globe. She had the pleasure to talk to Vicenta Ten Soriano Regional Sales Director for SDL, and with a lot of interesting people and even with old friends.

Isabel among old friends at Elia Berlin 2017
Isabel among old friends at Elia Berlin 2017.

It is important to underline that all the conferences were indeed very interesting!

Isabel attended different conferences. One of her favorites was the presentation related to QA tools.

In the localization world it is very important to keep up to date with networking, tools and other agencies… but remember nothing is more important than being friendly and a part of the great family localization is.

At Jensen Localization you will be welcome if you are looking for a partner, a place to work, someone to count on or just a friendly chat. Contact us to expand your business possibilities and your career.

Anna Wilk and Isabel Guijarro at Elia Berlin 2017
Anna Wilk and Isabel Guijarro at Elia Berlin 2017.

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