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29 October, 2019


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Everyone reading this blog now has already made some choices. I am referring to decisions about whether or not to read this article, what to eat, and how to dress today. But at the same time, several people who are seeing this article are also making decisions with more impact and of more importance, like changes within their organizations, making choices about strategy, and closing potential big deals.

Making the right choice is important, because better decisions lead to higher profits. Humans are good at decision making, but not perfect. Organizations make decisions through hierarchies of experts, supported by Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations, and this is prone to human error.

Consequently, Big Data supported by sophisticated AI algorithms is about to change the way organizations are making decisions. Businesses already generate a huge amount of data, so all they need is to retrieve the valuable parts hidden inside this data, and use those in the proper way to support their decisions.

Humans are the most important in the decision-making process and therefore, Cognitum has started to digitize human expertise, intuition, and emotions. The next step is to combine them with the superhuman accuracy of artificial intelligence, and thus obtaining solutions that can support decision makers by amplifying human intelligence.

Cognitum started with a Ph.D. research. We tested and implemented the technology in clinical conditions, and now we are implementing this technology in commercial decision making. The sectors we cover are FMCG customers, electronics, energy, facility management, and Google requested us to join their campus to work on future developments.

Cognitum is also working with one of the biggest telecom companies in Australia. The company’s roots are related to clinical research, and the company helped to develop new medical procedures for cancer treatment that increased the patient survival rate by 9%.


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