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3 September, 2015

choose a translation agency

As any other company, we like getting feedback from our clients, so that we know how we can improve our services to meet their changing requirements.

Apart from contacting clients from time to time and asking them for feedback about our services, or sending surveys where they can rate different aspects of our business, it is also common to receive them in our offices, both in the Netherlands and in Spain.

Recently we received the visit from one of our clients, an American company for which we do translations into Dutch. This company has many different branches, and the tasks they require for us vary depending on the branch we are working on. In some cases, we translate content for their web interface, in other occasions, we work on SEO translation, and in other instances we translate marketing content.

Their requirements are, therefore, different, but some of them are shared by most of our clients. We thought it would be interesting for you to know them, so that you can choose the translation agency that will satisfy your needs.


Most of our clients are happy with the way we communicate, from the quotation request to the final delivery of the translated files. This process can take days or even weeks, and clients are happy to see that we raise a flag whenever an issue can affect the deadline, such us missing reference files, or pending queries. Sometimes, unexpected situations happen, and we usually receive good feedback about our responsiveness.


Quality is of course a must for every client. With so many people speaking languages, competition from pseudo-translators is fierce, but good clients know that speaking a language does not make you a translator, and this is why they trust translation companies. Quality requirements also vary with the projects and both the clients and we have the tools that help us to assess the quality of the delivered translations, and how to improve when the quality is not the expected one.

Capability in special situations

Bank holidays, the Summer, Easter and Christmas season, medical leaves, maternity… there are many special situations that can affect a project, particularly when we talk about big accounts that include several jobs per month. Together with the collaboration and comprehension from our clients, we manage to adapt our procedures and organisation to these specific scenarios, preventing delays in the deadlines and other inconveniences to our clients.

Does this mean we are perfect? Of course not! We are far from perfect, and if we never had anything to improve, our job would be extremely boring. With this article, we wanted to let you know what things you should take into account when hiring the services of a professional translation company, so that you can make your choice based on objective parameters. And if we are among the candidates, do not hesitate to contact us and tell us about your translation needs.

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