China – Spain honors chinese translator of “Don Quixote”


2 September, 2009

Dong Yansheng

BEIJING – Dong Yansheng, creator of the Chinese translation of “Don Quixote,” was inducted into Spain’s Order of Arts and Letters on Tuesday in a ceremony at the Spanish Embassy in Beijing.

Spanish Culture Minister Angelese Gonzalez-Sinde praised the guest of honor’s career and said that his decoration is “well deserved” for having “faithfully projected the culture and image of Spain” throughout China.

Dong, 72, is a prestigious essayist and translator, as well as a professor at the University of Foreign Studies in Beijing and president of the Asian Hispanists Association since 2007.

“(The order) is a stimulus to keep working on behalf of Chinese Hispanic studies and the cultural exchange between China and Spain,” Dong told Efe.

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