Author: Nicolás M. Fontana

Summary of 2019

By Nicolás M. Fontana

9 January, 2020

Welcome, 2020! This year we will see the first manned mission to Mars, according to Brian De Palma. Below you can find a summary of 2019 at Jensen Localization. Concerning events, we focused on attending regional expos related to end clients to...

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The future of Agrifood production

This year, Jensen Localization participated for the first time in the Startup Europe Smart Agrifood Summit. Smart Agrifood Summit is an event for professionals, promoted by the European Foundation for Innovation (INTEC) and co-organized by the Regional...

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Building the future together

This year, Jensen Localization paid its first visit to the XIII Technological Fair of the National Association of Telecommunications Operators and Internet Services (AOTEC 2019). On this occasion, our Engineer and Development Manager at Jensen Localization...

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Year 2020

In 2020… A normal day will have rain, sun, snow, wind, and clouds all together, sudden mega storms will be our daily bread so we will have to be fully prepared with AI clothing. The translators will be wearing virtual reality goggles, smart gloves, and...

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