5 Reasons Employee Wellbeing is Key to Success


13 October, 2020



Employee wellbeing plays an instrumental role in the success of any company. It leads to higher employee engagement, improved job satisfaction, and enhanced productivity. It also lowers the costs of staff turnover. But to achieve all these benefits, you must invest time, effort, and resources into the wellbeing of your employees. Here are 5 reasons employee wellbeing is key to success.

1. Transform Employees into Loyal Partners

If you want your employees to value your business, you must show genuine concern for their wellbeing. And it’s not just a matter of showing, you have to take action. For instance, you can offer them comprehensive health coverage that takes care of not only their health needs but also those of their immediate family members. You can also implement a company nutrition program, which not only provides your employees with nutritious meals but also educates them on how to embrace a healthy lifestyle both at work and at home. Such benefits will make your employees loyal to your company and always enjoy working for you.

Another great way to make employees loyal to your company is to offer options such as a company workout program, a membership to a local gym, or even an on-site gym. Since such benefits are unlikely to be available among other competing businesses, your employees will think twice before leaving your company.

2. Increase in Employee Engagement Statistics

Investing in employee wellbeing makes your workers happy and satisfied with their jobs. It also increases their level of engagement with your company. Engaged employees develop an emotional attachment to your company’s overall mission and vision. They are more focused and motivated to achieve both individual and company goals. They are also highly productive in their everyday work.

Workers who collaborate seamlessly with their colleagues, who interact professionally with their employers, who take part in company initiatives, who portray characters that resonate with company culture are crucial to the overall success of your company. By providing wellbeing programs that make your employees feel valued, you’ll improve your employee engagement statistics.

One of the best ways to increase employee engagement at work is by providing communal space. For instance, you can set up a dedicated kitchen where staff members can eat their lunch together as they rest and engage in casual conversations with their colleagues. If you already have a small office kitchen, you can remodel it to make the space more charming and more functional. If you’re remodeling a kitchen in Sacramento, consider working with a licensed and reputable remodeling company.

3. Improve Productivity

For employees to be productive, they must be at their best, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Low employee productivity is a situation where an individual is physically present in the workplace but not working. This situation is also known as presentism. The common causes of presentism include headaches, financial challenges, inadequate sleep, or mental health problems.

According to Employee Benefit News, mental illness is the leading cause of loss of productivity. This means that wellbeing programs should focus on not only physical health but also mental health. A comprehensive wellbeing program can help eliminate presentism. It can also reduce sickness-related absenteeism by helping workers lead a healthy lifestyle. And when employees are healthy and motivated, they are more likely to be productive.

4. Enhance Your Company’s Reputation

Companies that invest in the health and happiness of their workers differentiate themselves from other competing companies in the industry. Your investment in employee wellbeing will help position your company as a leading employer.

An attractive employment package will give your company a competitive edge as far as attracting new talent is involved. A comprehensive healthcare plan will expand your candidates’ pool.

5. Improve Employee Morale

When you commit to enhancing the wellbeing of your employees, you’re showing them that you value them, you believe in them, and that you want them to succeed both in their personal and professional lives.
Employees will always have high morale when they’re given room to be innovative, solve problems, feel secure and respected, and accomplish both personal and professional goals. Their morale will also be high when they have a feeling of control over their health as well as their lives.

Your investment in employee wellbeing helps address all the unique needs of your employees, from physical to psychological to social to emotional. And when your employees are healthy and feel treasured and appreciated, great things happen in your company. Productivity increases, long-lasting solutions to problems are found, people become innovative, and customer service is excellent. What’s more, people enjoy reporting to work, they respect their employers, and they collaborate effectively with others.

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