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What we can offer

During more than 10 years of existence, Jensen Localization has consolidated its position as a full service provider of localization services. With the help of our pool of translators and strategic alliances with other companies, Jensen Localization has been able to help several companies in the globalization of their products by providing them different services.

Localization (l10n)

Localization is a very important part in the internationalization of your products. Once you have decided which countries you want to target, it is time to make the information available to them in their own language.

Desktop publishing

When a document is translated, you need to apply the same layout as the original and to be adapted to the local conventions. Jensen Localization relies on partners specialized in DTP firms for more complex tasks, but the majority is always done by our in-house staff.

Software testing

When the software text is localized, it is compiled and added to the original software application. Then, it goes through a testing phase, where not only linguistic issues are checked, but also functional features.

Sworn Translation

When a translated document needs to have a legal status, it needs to be signed by a sworn translator. The translation will not only reflect the purpose of the original text, but it will be adapted to the legal features of the target country.


Many companies started using Machine Translation to get faster translations and reduce costs. At Jensen Localization we can help you with the Post-Editing. After checking the quality of the output obtained with the MT system and after agreeing with you on the quality level desired we will let you know the amount of Post-Editing required.


Transcreators not only take into account the text they have to translate, but the visuals that go together with that text, the tone used, idioms and many other cultural aspects that are part of the campaign in the source language and they have to find the equivalences in the target language.

How it works

A dedicated Project Manager is assigned to each project. A project plan outlining tasks, benchmarks, deadlines and objectives is created before the localization process starts.

During the translation process the communication with the client is continuous. For those partners who are beginners in localizing we provide them with linguistic advising so that they know which terms and expressions are used on each of the communities they localize their products to.

Before delivering the localized product, it is meticulously checked and approved by our quality control department. We can deliver the localized product in almost any format required.

Our services in three keywords


Your company secrets are safe with us. All our collaborators sign a confidentiality agreement with Jensen Localization, and we also sign them with our clients. Our infrastructure, both physical and digital, also guarantees this confidentiality regarding personal and company information.


At Jensen Localization we ensure that your products pass through several quality procedures and that they will be delivered ready for printing or online publishing. Before delivering the localized product, it is meticulously checked and approved by our quality control department.


We ensure an immediate reply to all your requests. Our jobs are delivered at the fastest possible time depending on the project requirements without compromising quality.

Our client's opinion

We are completely satisfied with Jensen Localization. They know how to make a technically correct use of the language and they did a good job translating my personal information from German into different languages. Therefore I can only highly recommend Jensen Localization.

Uwe Schubert

CEO Inveus trading team SL

Nero trusts in Jensen Localization's first-class services since many years, and we would definitely recommend Jensen as a reliable translation partner.

Christiane Rabold

Consultant Translation Manager

Caribbean Homes Bonaire finds Jensen localization to be quick, efficient and reliable at providing translation services.

Margon Muller

Real Estate Professional

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