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About Jensen Localization

What is Jensen Localization?

Jensen Localization specializes in translation of software, manuals and technical documentation as well as web sites. We support the localization and implementation of financial software (ERP) and support the globalization and internationalization of your product.


The founder of Jensen Localization, Brian Jensen has years of experience in the localization and IT industry. Brian has been educated as a systems manager and programmer and when he moved to Holland in 1992, he completed the economics study SPD. His professional background includes an extended period as troubleshooter at Packard Bell Europe and several years as project manager with one of the major translation agencies in The Netherlands. This combination of linguistic and technical qualifications guarantees a successfull localized product.

Our General Manager and Deputy Director is Allan Svendsen. He has a Masters Degree in English and Economics and has become the IT wizard of our company. Allan Svendsen previously worked for an accounting firm and is responsible for our major accounts like Nero and HP. We can assure you that our translators, DTP experts and technicians are firstclass and handpicked. Our translators are tested in their IT skills as well as in their linguistic skills, before they are trusted with any translation.

Business Areas

  • Translation (WEB, software, documentation etc.)
  • DTP
  • Artwork
  • Compilation
  • Testing
  • Web Management
  • Language Combinations: English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and most of the Eastern European languages.
  • Also other languages upon request. 

Jensen Localization

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Jensen Localization

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Jensen Localization

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